Wednesday, February 6, 2013

We close at 10

So yesterday I got cussed about by two girls who came in at 9:50. Our kitchen and bar close at ten and I told them this along with telling them we needed to get their orders in before 10.

First of all these girls were high as a kite and you could smell it. They ordered margaritas and asked if they could order 2 at a time. It's against our rules so I told them no. Put in their appetizer order and grabbed their drinks. At 10:00 they started yelling at me across the restaurant. "HEYYYY HEYYY YOU" rude. Well then one girl proceeds to order a burger. They both had at least 1/2 their margaritas left. I put in the burger order even though it was 10:01. At 10:05 I brought over the appetizers. One girl asks if she can order another margarita. I tell her I can get her a soft drink but can't do another margarita because the bar closed at 10. And she said "well I know you said that but you knew I was going to want another drink" and I told her I couldn't do anything. So she gets mad cusses me out and tells me "well you knew that I was going to want another drink" WE CLOSE AT 10!!! WHY DO YOU THINK RULES DON'T APPLY TO YOU?!!?!

But really... People drive me crazy!

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