Sunday, January 13, 2013

Can we speak to your manager

So currently I'm laying on my couch eating ice cream and Popsicles and drinking plenty of water. I just had a tonsillectomy and haven't been to work in a week and a half. That being said, this story is about 2 weeks old.

So it's two weeks ago, Friday night (maybe Saturday night). I'm closing. It's about 9:30, the restaurant is pretty slow. I have a party of 10, party of 6 and a party of 2, and then had just gotten say with another party of 2. The party of 10 is almost ready to pay (all with separate checks of course).

So I go up to the party of 2 I just got sat with, 2 girls, probs in their 20's. I introduce myself and ask if they've been here before and they say they have and the last couple times they've had terrible service. When someone says that to you it's a little bit intimidating to say the least. So we order drinks and maybe an appetizer but they aren't ready to order yet, so they say give them a couple minutes. I give them a few and they still aren't ready, but now my party of 10 is ready to check out. So I have 10 bills that I need to take care of, that's gunna take 5-7 minutes. So I do, but I'm worrying that these 2 girls are going to be ready to order and think I'm ignoring them. But I do finally get over there And get their orders. A little complicated, but it just means it has to be double checked before going out to the table.

By the time their food is going out my other two tables are ready to check out and I just got sat with another 2. I take the food and everything looks about right. I had already grabbed refills so I knew they were good with drinks. I set the food down and realize as soon as I did it that one of the girls asked for a ceased salad instead of fries. So I said I know you ordered a salad, but they put fries on it. Give me just a second to get the salad and she said "oh yea your fine."

But of course I needed to close out my other 2 tables and take care of the new table also. Needless to say the salad took longer than it should have. Anyways, kept checking back with the girls making sure they were okay, taking care of my other tables, cleaning off old tables. The girls seem about done and i ask if they need anything else and they say "can we talk to your manager" and I'm sure my face dropped. But then she says "don't worry you didn't do anything wrong."

So my manager goes over the table asks what's up and they say "we've been here a few times but that was the best service we've ever had here and we were impressed." Whewwww! I was so relieved. I definitely had been holding my breath for that one. But the girls were super sweet and even talked to the manager about applying for a job. They said they both have worked as servers, which makes
sense that they would have expectations for service. But they were just really sweet and I can't tell you how relieved I am that they weren't complaining!

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