Thursday, December 13, 2012

See ya later?

So today was my last day in my current location until February. The company is really great when it comes to switching locations with me. I have worked for the company for almost 4 years and in 3 different locations (G,F,T).

My current location (T) was decided by school. I loved my previous restaurant (F) but because I moved away from school I needed to transfer if I wanted to have a job. Anyways today was my last day at T until February. School is out for winter break and I am going back to F until school starts again. I am excited to go back to F and see all my co-workers there but I'm sad to leave T and all my co-workers there.

The restaurant business is very fast paced and you see so many people hired and fired. So leaving for a month and half you have to be sure to say your goodbyes because you have no idea who will still be around when you come back. I'm excited to be going back to F but it will be weird for me to only know half the faces. It's like when I go back and visit G I know a lot of people but every time I go back there are more and more new faces.

So see ya later T. I love you all and hope to see you all again. But if I don't good luck and God bless :)

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