Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I got kicked outta the kitchen...

So last week my GM told me that I am no longer allowed in the kitchen because I am too much of a distraction to the cooks. He thinks that it's my fault that the food takes longer than the company feels it should. But my fault? really? hahaha. Sure, I'm friends with the cooks. They love me and have my back. They take care of me. And sure I'll talk to them as the cook sometimes as they are doing stuff. But I don't think I distract them much.

So over the past week, I've stayed outta the kitchen. Sure we still interact because that's unavoidable in the restaurant but I don't stand back there, I don't stay there and talk to them. And surprise, surprise the food still takes longer than they want for it to come out. Anyways...imagine my surprise when the GM approaches me and asks me why he heard that I was distracting the cooks again on Monday night. I haven't been bugging them at all!! I asked other servers, the expo and the kitchen and they all said that I wasn't even back there at all.

So apparently it's just that the manager that night happens to not be my biggest fan. Whenever he manages I always end up being in trouble.
 -__________- I AM SO FRUSTRATED!!

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