Sunday, December 23, 2012


Okay in all seriousness it's not that hard of a job... It's not...I did it for 2 1/2 years so I feel I have a right to talk about it.

Jobs as a host
•Answer the phone (don't ignore it and pretend you don't hear it, and if the to-go phone rings and the person who should be answering it is busy, at least answer and ask if you can put them on hold for a minute)
•Greet people at the door (this doesn't mean ignore them bcuz you're in a conversation, drop the conversation immediately, and don't ignore people for your phone either, in fact I should never see your phone!!!)
•Seat people in a rotation (we do no fill up a section and then move onto the next one and fill that too... You seat the OPEN sections and rotate thru them, seat A1, then seat B1, then seat C1)
•Give the guest what they want (If a table asks to be seated in a certain spot you give that to them, and then if f you just say that server ask if they need you to grab them drinks, or if it's a closed sections SK the closest server to pick it up, don't just assume we will)
•Be able to read a floor plan (you shouldn't have to ask me who is on and who else is in my section. You should always know who is on and in what sections)
•Don't seat people under 21 in the bar area (just ask, "is everyone in your party over the age of 21?")
•Blow up balloons for little kids (if you don't know how to tie a balloon go YouTube it and figure it out)

Honestly I don't understand why people struggle, it's not hard as long as you use your head and don't act like an idiot

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