Thursday, December 27, 2012

Chain reaction

Restaurants have a chain reaction. One persons bad mood can suddenly affect everyone else.

For example, if a server is mad about ticket times (normally if one server is mad about ticket times then all 10 other servers are also mad about ticket times, but it only has to be one to make a difference) so, one server is mad about ticket times he/she hounds the expo (they put together all the food from hot and cold sides of the kitchen and are supposed to be the communication between the front of house and back of house) the expo is not only dealing with all of the servers but also all of the kitchen so they have a big job and someone getting mad at you because of long ticket times is frustrating especially since it isn't their fault. So they in turn get annoyed with the cooks and tell at them or just start bugging them about ticket times, but the cooks are frustrated because the server just rang in 3 tickets at once. And it takes time to make 10 burgers. But the reason that the server just rang in all three at the same time is because the host just triple sat them. And then the server is annoyed with the bartender because their milkshakes are taking forever. But the bartender just got sat, had someone sit down at the bar just got a call and is ringing in a to-go order and you just rang in 5 milkshakes at the same time for the 3 tables you just got sat with.

So you get the point, but not expand that whole thing from 1 server getting frustrated to 10. Welcome to the stressful and chaotic life of a restaurant. 1 persons mood can affect the entire way things run. It's crazy. It's stressful and at the same time I love my job. Yea some days I'm sick of it and sometimes I am frustrated and sometimes I am just over it and ready to move onto something new. But the real truth it suits me, I enjoy it.

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