Thursday, January 12, 2012

Things We Servers Never Understand

There are just some things that do not make any sense to us as servers

#1 Why do you order a bacon cheeseburger, without bacon, instead of ordering a cheeseburger?
#2 Why is it that you have a menu in front of you and your reading it as you tell me what you want, but then ask me what is on the food you just ordered?
#3 Why do you think that it's okay to send me back and forth from your table 6 times right after you get your food? Figure out what you need and tell me all at once. I will make 2 trips but I have other guests to worry about too.
#4 Why do you ask me for a to-go box if you aren't going to use it, or if you're just going to proceed to forget to take it with you?
#5 Why must you suck down your drink like you just came out of the Sahara? I can't keep grabbing you refils every 2 seconds
#6 Why do you bother waiting for a host to seat you when you are just going to tell them exactly where you are going to sit?
#7 Why do you insist on bringing large parties of people out at the busiest times and expect to be sat immediately?
#8 Why do you expect an order involving 20 meals to come out in the same amount of time as 2 people?
#9 Why must you always complain about everything just so you can get your meal discounted?
#10 Why do you think that it is okay to go out to eat and not leave a tip?

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