Saturday, March 31, 2012

Things Kid's Do...

I had a 4 year old boy at one of my tables last night, it was his birthday. He showed me a new toy car that he had gotten and said "It's a capitals car" (with his little lisp) "did you see them last night? they were amazing" He was so cute. I told him that my little brothers watch the capitals almost every time they play. And then mentioned that my dad said that one of the players got juked and fell down and was doing snow angels and the little boy said "there's no snow on the ice, so how can you do snow angels?"

Another boy had 3 angry birds plush toys and was fighting with them. That made me laugh.

Last week I had a table with a boy (like 11ish) and his mom. When I dropped off the food he had just answered his mom's phone and his mom was in the restroom. I had walked by a minute later checking on another table and  he called me over, by name, and said "I just wanted to say thanks for dropping the food off." This was a first for me and it honestly took me by surprise. Here is a little boy taking the time to thank me for something as simple as dropping off food and he's doing it without his mom there telling him to or anything. It really made me feel good. I later mentioned it to his mom and told her I wanted to compliment her on her son's manners.

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