Thursday, March 8, 2012

New Technology

So today they introduced some new technology at work....

We are going to have iPads that the hosts use to do the wait list...It's a cool concept except that it will take getting used to and the weekend will be rough because it's going to be all new.

Basically they have 2 iPads. One at the door where they check you in using a cell phone number. You then receive a text that says "you've been added to the wait list" both iPads are updated every 30 seconds and the wait list is transferred to the iPad at the host stand.

At the host stand they can notify a party that their table is ready by sending them a text. They can also see how long people have been waiting, what are wait time has been for parties of different sizes, how many people are on the wait, ect.

It's pretty cool stuff and I'm really excited to see how everything goes. The first few weeks may be rough. But once we get the hang of it I will be excited to see how it works.

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