Saturday, March 10, 2012

Larger groups (8+)

Last night I was in a section with 5 tables. Normally that's not a big deal.However it does become a big deal when they get sat at the same time...I had 4 of my 5 tables sat and 3 of them had just gotten their food when I got sat with a party of 9.

Problem #1 The two times tables are the most needy, when they get their food and when they are just sitting down and getting their order put in.

Problem #2 It takes forever to get an order for 9 people.

Problem #3 I had 3 other tables who all needed something

Problem #4 By the time that I had gotten the party of 9 all of their drinks and had started taking their order my other tables started to get annoyed that I wasn't paying attention to them

As you can see I was kind of overwhelmed...Not to mention that the party of 9 was NEEDY! Every time I walked by they were sending me to go get them something. Then I didn't add gratuity because I need a manager to do it and they were busy and they left me 10-12% tips on all 3 of their checks...THANKS....not to mention that affects your tips on all your other tables because you're running around like a chicken with your head cutoff -_____- O well. Thanks guys. That's typical server life for ya

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