Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Guys leaving numbers

Alright guys. Apparently we need to address the issue of leaving numbers.
#1 If you're going to leave you're number at least let us know your name. I'm not going to text you (or call you) not knowing your name and say "hey. I was your server today and you left me you're number" i'm not that desperate
#2 If you want to talk tome, then talk to me. If you don't talk to me other than to give me your order, why would I even think you are interested.
#3 If you really want to get my attention, come back another day (without someone else) ask to sit in my section, and talk to me, ask me about me.
#4 If you are with another girl, and you two act couple-ish (holding hands, flirting ect.) DO NOT LEAVE YOUR NUMBER
#5 Better yet, if you are really interested stop being such a baby and grow up and ask me for my number. If I'm interested I'll give it to you, if I'm not I'll let you know

OH and BTW if you really want to get a girls attention...LEAVE A NICE TIP!! it makes you stick out

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