Monday, December 19, 2011

How Servers Make Money

Apparently people don't understand the concept of how servers make money. So let me break it down for you.

We get an hourly rate (but less than minimum wage) somewhere around the $3/4 amount. Basically it is enough to cover majority of our taxes.

The money that we see comes from tips. However, at the end of the night we have to tip out the people who support us (bussers, bartenders, expos & sometimes hosts or food runners) In the restaurant that I work at I have to tip out 1% of my sales to 3 postions (busser, expo & bar)

That means if I sold $800 worth of food & drinks I have to give the busser $8, the bartender $8 and the expo $8. So if i recieved 20% tips all night (so I should have $160 in tips) but after tipping everyone out I get to take home 17% ($134).

This also means that when I have a table that doesn't leave me a tip I still am tipping out on their sales. So if I have a party and their bill is $100 and they don't leave me a tip, I owe $3 ($1 to each the busser, expo, & bar ) and it's coming out of my tips I've received from other tables (basically out of my pocket) The same applies if your server transfers you over to me. The sales from your check get transferred to me. So just because your server left doesn't mean you shouldn't tip me. Because I get stuck with your sales and having to tip out off of them.

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