Wednesday, February 6, 2013

We close at 10

So yesterday I got cussed about by two girls who came in at 9:50. Our kitchen and bar close at ten and I told them this along with telling them we needed to get their orders in before 10.

First of all these girls were high as a kite and you could smell it. They ordered margaritas and asked if they could order 2 at a time. It's against our rules so I told them no. Put in their appetizer order and grabbed their drinks. At 10:00 they started yelling at me across the restaurant. "HEYYYY HEYYY YOU" rude. Well then one girl proceeds to order a burger. They both had at least 1/2 their margaritas left. I put in the burger order even though it was 10:01. At 10:05 I brought over the appetizers. One girl asks if she can order another margarita. I tell her I can get her a soft drink but can't do another margarita because the bar closed at 10. And she said "well I know you said that but you knew I was going to want another drink" and I told her I couldn't do anything. So she gets mad cusses me out and tells me "well you knew that I was going to want another drink" WE CLOSE AT 10!!! WHY DO YOU THINK RULES DON'T APPLY TO YOU?!!?!

But really... People drive me crazy!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Can we speak to your manager

So currently I'm laying on my couch eating ice cream and Popsicles and drinking plenty of water. I just had a tonsillectomy and haven't been to work in a week and a half. That being said, this story is about 2 weeks old.

So it's two weeks ago, Friday night (maybe Saturday night). I'm closing. It's about 9:30, the restaurant is pretty slow. I have a party of 10, party of 6 and a party of 2, and then had just gotten say with another party of 2. The party of 10 is almost ready to pay (all with separate checks of course).

So I go up to the party of 2 I just got sat with, 2 girls, probs in their 20's. I introduce myself and ask if they've been here before and they say they have and the last couple times they've had terrible service. When someone says that to you it's a little bit intimidating to say the least. So we order drinks and maybe an appetizer but they aren't ready to order yet, so they say give them a couple minutes. I give them a few and they still aren't ready, but now my party of 10 is ready to check out. So I have 10 bills that I need to take care of, that's gunna take 5-7 minutes. So I do, but I'm worrying that these 2 girls are going to be ready to order and think I'm ignoring them. But I do finally get over there And get their orders. A little complicated, but it just means it has to be double checked before going out to the table.

By the time their food is going out my other two tables are ready to check out and I just got sat with another 2. I take the food and everything looks about right. I had already grabbed refills so I knew they were good with drinks. I set the food down and realize as soon as I did it that one of the girls asked for a ceased salad instead of fries. So I said I know you ordered a salad, but they put fries on it. Give me just a second to get the salad and she said "oh yea your fine."

But of course I needed to close out my other 2 tables and take care of the new table also. Needless to say the salad took longer than it should have. Anyways, kept checking back with the girls making sure they were okay, taking care of my other tables, cleaning off old tables. The girls seem about done and i ask if they need anything else and they say "can we talk to your manager" and I'm sure my face dropped. But then she says "don't worry you didn't do anything wrong."

So my manager goes over the table asks what's up and they say "we've been here a few times but that was the best service we've ever had here and we were impressed." Whewwww! I was so relieved. I definitely had been holding my breath for that one. But the girls were super sweet and even talked to the manager about applying for a job. They said they both have worked as servers, which makes
sense that they would have expectations for service. But they were just really sweet and I can't tell you how relieved I am that they weren't complaining!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Chain reaction

Restaurants have a chain reaction. One persons bad mood can suddenly affect everyone else.

For example, if a server is mad about ticket times (normally if one server is mad about ticket times then all 10 other servers are also mad about ticket times, but it only has to be one to make a difference) so, one server is mad about ticket times he/she hounds the expo (they put together all the food from hot and cold sides of the kitchen and are supposed to be the communication between the front of house and back of house) the expo is not only dealing with all of the servers but also all of the kitchen so they have a big job and someone getting mad at you because of long ticket times is frustrating especially since it isn't their fault. So they in turn get annoyed with the cooks and tell at them or just start bugging them about ticket times, but the cooks are frustrated because the server just rang in 3 tickets at once. And it takes time to make 10 burgers. But the reason that the server just rang in all three at the same time is because the host just triple sat them. And then the server is annoyed with the bartender because their milkshakes are taking forever. But the bartender just got sat, had someone sit down at the bar just got a call and is ringing in a to-go order and you just rang in 5 milkshakes at the same time for the 3 tables you just got sat with.

So you get the point, but not expand that whole thing from 1 server getting frustrated to 10. Welcome to the stressful and chaotic life of a restaurant. 1 persons mood can affect the entire way things run. It's crazy. It's stressful and at the same time I love my job. Yea some days I'm sick of it and sometimes I am frustrated and sometimes I am just over it and ready to move onto something new. But the real truth it suits me, I enjoy it.

Sunday, December 23, 2012


Okay in all seriousness it's not that hard of a job... It's not...I did it for 2 1/2 years so I feel I have a right to talk about it.

Jobs as a host
•Answer the phone (don't ignore it and pretend you don't hear it, and if the to-go phone rings and the person who should be answering it is busy, at least answer and ask if you can put them on hold for a minute)
•Greet people at the door (this doesn't mean ignore them bcuz you're in a conversation, drop the conversation immediately, and don't ignore people for your phone either, in fact I should never see your phone!!!)
•Seat people in a rotation (we do no fill up a section and then move onto the next one and fill that too... You seat the OPEN sections and rotate thru them, seat A1, then seat B1, then seat C1)
•Give the guest what they want (If a table asks to be seated in a certain spot you give that to them, and then if f you just say that server ask if they need you to grab them drinks, or if it's a closed sections SK the closest server to pick it up, don't just assume we will)
•Be able to read a floor plan (you shouldn't have to ask me who is on and who else is in my section. You should always know who is on and in what sections)
•Don't seat people under 21 in the bar area (just ask, "is everyone in your party over the age of 21?")
•Blow up balloons for little kids (if you don't know how to tie a balloon go YouTube it and figure it out)

Honestly I don't understand why people struggle, it's not hard as long as you use your head and don't act like an idiot

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Well that was awkward...

"Hi guys, how ya doin today? My name's Rachel and I'll be takin care of ya"

"You look really familiar to me...wait I know what it is, my daughter is dating your ex boyfriend"

(Well that's weird that you know me and can identify me...actually kinda creepy)
"Oh, you live on abc street. I see his car there sometimes on my way to work"

"I don't know why his car is there..."

Needless to say, that was awkward...

Thursday, December 13, 2012

See ya later?

So today was my last day in my current location until February. The company is really great when it comes to switching locations with me. I have worked for the company for almost 4 years and in 3 different locations (G,F,T).

My current location (T) was decided by school. I loved my previous restaurant (F) but because I moved away from school I needed to transfer if I wanted to have a job. Anyways today was my last day at T until February. School is out for winter break and I am going back to F until school starts again. I am excited to go back to F and see all my co-workers there but I'm sad to leave T and all my co-workers there.

The restaurant business is very fast paced and you see so many people hired and fired. So leaving for a month and half you have to be sure to say your goodbyes because you have no idea who will still be around when you come back. I'm excited to be going back to F but it will be weird for me to only know half the faces. It's like when I go back and visit G I know a lot of people but every time I go back there are more and more new faces.

So see ya later T. I love you all and hope to see you all again. But if I don't good luck and God bless :)

10 minutes to closing

At 10 minutes until closing (9:50) the last thing in the world that you want to see is a group of 20 walk in the door and sit down. The kitchen gets mad because even though they are supposed to close everything down at 10, a party like that may take time to get orders in and so they have to keep everything open. Now imagine that party of 20 and you are slowly watching more and more people trickle in until its about 40. welcome to my night. Probably one of the most obnoxious things you could ever do.

Don't come in right as we close it's frustrating for us, it's frustrating to the kitchen and honestly you probably won't get the best service. It's not that we have issues with you specifically. Managers are always on our case to get what we need to done and get off the clock. The kitchen is the same way, but they can't clean the kitchen until all the food is done. So it's irritating for everyone involved.

Anyways party of 40, 10 minutes before closing. Frustrating yes, overwhelming yes. You see it and you just don't know what's going to happen. Some groups are whiney and need every little thing and get irritated when you can't come through. Tonight's group was amazingly easy and appreciative. They listened as I introduced myself, were willing to work with me to help make splitting the checks easier and were very polite . They were ready to get orders in and were patient with us. And they left good tips. Honestly when things go smoothly like that I don't mind so much that you came in so late.

Basically remember, if you come in 10 minutes before closing, be patient and polite with us and leave us a good tip and we really won't mind so much.